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What You Didn’t Know About Permanent Life Insurance

Funding a college education or starting a business are two things most people don’t think about when they think of life insurance. But if you have permanent life insurance (which is designed to last a lifetime) you can take advantage of its funds to help you get started on some of life’s most important adventures more →




I Owe WHAT? The hidden tax costs of the Affordable Care Act

You’re sitting with your accountant filing all the necessary paperwork for your 2014 taxes, already daydreaming about how you’re going to spend your big refund check. All of a sudden you see the grand total of your return and suddenly those daydreams turn into nightmares.   As you’ve probably heard (I mean really, who hasn’t?) more →




Preach It: Cell Phones and Driving Don’t Mix!

Many of us remember the old Oprah pledge she made celebrities take years ago when her daily talk show was still on the air and she launched a crusade against texting while driving. She took a stand against an activity that many of us indulge in, despite the consequences. Several states have outlawed the practice more →










Do I Really Need to Buy Car Insurance?

This is a tricky rhetorical question, because any insurance agent can tell you that every company has different language in their policies. On top of that, different states have different requirements for the insurance company and/or rental company to provide certain coverages. So to answer this rhetorical question you ask each time you travel and more →